Spawanie TIG stali czarnej / TIG welding mild steel

Spawanie tigiem carnej stali. Za mało gazy było i elektroda za nisko zaostrzona Blacha 1,2 mm. Prąd 53 ampery drut 1,6. Elektroda czerwona 2,4.

Kevin compares arc welders, MIG welders and TIG welders, explaining how they work and their respective benefits.

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16 Responses to “Spawanie TIG stali czarnej / TIG welding mild steel”

  1. kevincaron says:

    @SKoGoMoney Yes, If you run this machine without the gas then you have to run flux core wire. You will get the same slag that you get when you ARC weld. The gas does the same thing as the flux on the ARC rods.
    This is a MILLER 251. The newer 250 is a much improved machine over this one. While I do use Miller you should keep in mind that there are several great brands out there to chose from. I would try to stay away from the overseas brands though. Thanks for the great questions.

  2. SKoGoMoney says:

    Wait a minute if you just use electric you must have to use a flux-cored wire then. So does that produce the same mess as an arc welder? Will I also have to clean the coating off?
    P.S.: Just checked out the Miller site. Damn those are expensive, but you sure make ’em out to be worth it!

  3. SKoGoMoney says:

    This video was a great help thanks a lot, you’ve explained everything so much better than anyone else plus you actually showed us what they look and work like.
    I’m thinking all I need is a MIG welder! What model is your MIG? I can see the brand is Miller. (It’s always good to follow the pros :P)
    I also have a question. You said that the MIG uses a gas mixture of Argon and CO2 as flux. But what about when you don’t use gas, and you just use electric?
    Thanks man!

  4. kevincaron says:

    @hangoutsumtime That is a Miller Syncrowave® 200. Damn fine machine. More than I will ever use.

  5. hangoutsumtime says:

    whats the numbers on that miller tig. Im going to pick up a Miller this week

  6. geahson says:

    @kevincaron miller machine are the best

  7. kevincaron says:

    You are welcome. Glad to share my knowledge anyway I can. Stop by my site and sign up for the newsletter when you get the chance.
    Please remember to give me a rating also.
    I up date about once a week so check back often.

  8. Therealchrist says:

    Wow Kevin, thanks for the video! I’ve actually been considering getting into sculpting metal over the last while, so it’s somewhat funny to learn that you yourself are a sculptor. Great video, I had an idea about the different types of welding equipment, but your video cleared things up!

  9. kevincaron says:

    No, I am not a shop teacher, I’m a sculptor, but I have found that I enjoy teaching. It is a challenge for me to put into words what I do automatically.

    As for Millers, I have two of them (a MIG and a TIG), They perform very well and they have awesome technical support both online and on the phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

  10. Zorack10 says:

    Kevin are you a shop teacher? If not you should be as your explanations are very clear and I also love the fact that you are using Miller welders,a big plus in my book.

  11. kevincaron says:

    Glad I could help. Check back often, I update about once a week.

  12. tweekskratch says:

    Wow thanks so much! I have been wondering about the differences. I learned with torch, and I’m glad I did.

  13. kevincaron says:

    Not really. I will try to put something togeather and get it up for viewing. Thanks for the request.

  14. lynel1985 says:

    very good explantion for those not in the know. Ive got myself a TIG that im finally getting my head around. Got any videos of your technique i can watch?

  15. kevinacaron says:

    For you I would even open the studio on the weekend. Come on out and we will play with the sparky stuff.

  16. AsktheBuilder says:

    SWEET! That was a fascinating video. I had heard of a TIG welder, but had no idea how that one worked. So the next time I’m out your way, can I stop by the shop and do some experimental welding? That’s what it would be since I’ve never done it before! That might be a funny video to do together!